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The Stories They Tell

Each Card A Unique Voice


Nine of Spades

Ton Sai Bay, 2.18.17

“We were walking along the beach in Ko Phi Phi and there among the waves, a nine of spades washed ashore" 
Take the Ride

Eight of Spades

Ashland and 4th, Santa Monica, CA, 7.11.22

A walk uphill, not even 8am, and this eight whispered "she wants you to keep playing". A coo and ca, a baby's song.


Stroller's Spade 

IMG_3111 2.JPG
IMG_3111 2.JPG

Three of Spades

Albright & Herbert, Los Angeles, CA, 4.09.15

"Remnants from a bonfire or maybe just a s'mores roast, or maybe, just a roast. The tenants here are known to be funny. A story jam and a spade found this afternoon."

Smoke Signal


Seven of Spades

Mount Princeton, Buena Vista, CO, 9.20.14

"Her best friend's wedding, a magician, maybe named Jack, and what could only be interpreted as a blessing from her father."


Witness to "I do"  

IMG_3111 2.JPG

Three of Hearts

Dean & Deluca, Leawood, Kansas

"He wooed her with slight of hand, grace of feet. His charm, a snake in the sea of romance."

Trick of the Heart


Two of Spades

"Science supports strolling," she would remind the team, "step away from the screen." Step down the sidewalk, do a duet with a dearly departed

dog-eared two.


Walk the Dog 

IMG_3111 2.JPG

Eight of Hearts

Electric & Marco, Venice, 08.03.17

"An eight piece of hearts packed and placed on the corner of Marco & Electric. My delight at finding it -- a happy, minion meal -- a Golden Arch dealing gone to the gutter."

Eight Piece


Two of Diamonds

Rose & 5th, Venice, CA, 7.10.17

"Folded and flipped, this two was left a captive to the curb, bent to the whim of the dealer who penned and circled "20" on her middle."


The Contortionist  

IMG_3111 2.JPG
Screen Shot 2022-08-21 at 12.52.46 PM.png

Ace of Hearts

Main Street & Mills, Santa Monica, CA, 3.03.19

"Heartily found, hidden behind worn wood and wet from weeks of rain. She was hiding, much like the heart that beats within the jaded, like the diamond that shines in the rough, like the club with a secret entrance around back.."

Pearl's Heart Beat


King of Diamonds

Boston Common, Boston, MA 10.11.07

"Beheaded at best by a bum banging a tin can of beans, half eaten, he was looking for more."

Dearly Beheaded

IMG_3111 2.JPG

Queen of Diamonds

Sahara and 200, Los Vegas, NV 01.21.15

"Torn-up and hungover a curb, this Queen's diamond still sparkled."

Terrible's Benevolent

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